Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Nest: The Living Room

living room (not quite so goofy)
The ceiling is 12 feet high in this room! That's more then the width and almost as much as the length of the room (those are about 9' X 9', plus the 3' X 4' nook where the dressers are). Yep, this room would be bigger if it was tipped over on its side! So I tried to take advantage of some of this height with the plants and some storage up high. The storage and high plants could only be accessed by ladder, and sadly during the last month of my stay (September 2005) I neglected them from being so busy that the top one died. Very sad! The spider plant pulled through though:
Except the ones that are up here (see, the spider plant is expecting again)
This is me pretending to read. This was the first night I owned the digital camera and I think the very first photo I attempted with the camera in "automatic" mode:
The living room

Northwest Corner
There was no place where one TV could go and be comfortably visible from both couches. So... I had two TV's! Sitting on the brown couch, you'd watch this one:
View from the Brown Couch
...and sitting on the red couch, you'd watch this one:
View from the Red Couch
...clever huh? I just used a "splitter" so both would play the same TV show or DVD simultaneously. I now think this is a great way to set up any living room, to avoid the sacrifice on "socializing" one usually has to make in order to make the one TV the "focal point". I'm not sure if we'll do this in the new place... depends on what roommie has to say about it.

There's a little bit of storage space up here, over the stairs which act as an internal fire escape to the 2nd and 3rd floors:
A Bit of Storage Above
A norfolk pine that was given to me by a friend who moved away. Its quite a bit bigger now, I'll post another picture of it soon. This was last winter I think:
Little pine tree in the living room
On the south wall I hung the 2 Burlington area lake charts. (On the backs of these are the northernmost and southernmost reaches of Lake Champlain). In this chart, Burlington is the city directly below the big red rectangle on the lower right:
Looking back at the Entrance

East Wall
At first I had no idea how to decorate with these wall colors. Early in the painting process, I noticed after the paint sat all night and separated that green was a major component of both the wall and trim colors. So I just went nuts with green. I found the green plate at a junque store, and made the plate hanger out of a coat hanger (quite nice even if I do say so!) and friend loaned me the curtains. The ship photo is by a girl in my church, maybe 12 or 14 years old at the time she took and developed it. A friend of mine found out I liked the photo when I was helping him fix his car in the photographer's Dad's garage, and bought a copy of it from her for me for Christmas. Um, so, yeah, basically I paid for nothing you see here, except maybe 50cents for the plate. A lot of elbow grease went into patching the sheetrock and the plaster on that wall though! (The protruding part is sheetrock, the part behind the plate and picture is original plaster and lath. Both needed quite a bit of work when I moved in)
East Wall plus North Curtains
Closeup of the famous spider plant:
living room corner
The brick you see outside the window is part of the outside wall of what I call the "bedroom". Its a protrusion in the back of the house for the stairwells. The "bedroom" actually used to be part of the stair landing from the first floor to the basement:
The Window
Here's where the plants huddled for the winter:
Here's where the plants huddle for the winter
Both lake charts that feature Burlington. On the left, Burlington is the city directly below the big red rectangle. On the right, its to the right and slightly below the compass circle at the top:
South Wall with Lake Charts
The now-almost-empty 11-foot-high storage. The fan doesn't work, but looks cool and matches the rest of the decor of the room (ie... it is green):
Way Way Up High
I took 2 of the dressers of the house and stacked them, and this was my primary clothing storage, although the top drawer of each dresser housed a lot of my tools and supplies I used for repairs around the house. All the junk to the right of the dressers is leftover supplies that the fraternity paid for:
Stacked Dressers
Here's a photo that shows how badly I need to vacuum the floor, and also clean the lens:
The Floor Needs Vacuuming and the Lens Needs Cleaning!

Dish and Ship
Becky's photo is entitled "Morning in Mystic", because, well, it was morning. And it was Mystic.
Just Ship

Back Parking Lot


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