Friday, June 10, 2005

The Hotel Room

I stayed at the Alexander Inn. It was a great hotel, highly recommended, and very reasonable in cost. If possible, go for room 608, 708 (one double bed), 601, or 701 (two double beds). These are corner rooms high enough to see over the tops of all the surrounding buildings. The level of service is no fancier than the Days Inn, but the building is loaded with character and the employees care a lot more.So here's a picture hanging in my room, 608. I guess the wine makes you feel like you are dancing with a beautiful, nude woman.

The west window looking across Spruce Street and down Cypress Street. The blinds are hard to see, but were very cool. I'm going to try to find out where I can get them. The slats are wooden.

A more abstract painting over the bed.

The South bay window. Same cool blinds.

The hotel is loaded with curvey walls... great for character.

The bath is small, but nice


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