Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Looking Around the Frat House

And here are 8 pictures from Januaryish 2005 I took while turning in a circle on the street corner in front of the house. I am facing NorthWest in this pic. The house looks really nice in the snow like this. The exterior of the house is almost exactly as it was in 1913 when the house was built. The only changes I know of are the addition of an emergency exit door in the back, and the omission of the white picket fence on the roof above the dormers. The roof was burned by a moonshine still explosion in the attic during the 1930's prohibition, and when the roof was replaced, the fence never was. Otherwise, things are as they were, which is pretty remarkable. Even the outside chandelier hanging on the front porch appears to be original, judging by early photos I've seen:

Looking West toward the lake and down Pearl Street:

Looking Southwest:


Looking Southeast. That's Prospect Street we're looking down.

Looking East up Pearl Street, which soon becomes Colchester Ave:

Northeast, and North Prospect Street:

The sidewalk of North Prospect Street:

Here's a couple of pictures of the UVM Green right in front of the house:
more snowing

The steeple belongs to Ira Allen Chapel:
still snowing some more

My last window glass replacement job, about a week ago. Window pane replacement seems to be the primary skill required by a fraternity house facilities manager:
Broken Glass Again

View from the famous Room 13 on the 3rd floor where I was replacing window panes the other day. That's Lake Champlain in the background, and the Adironack mountains of New York beyond that:
View from Room 13

The frat guys love to destroy things. When I tried and failed to give away this 1910 Estey pipe organ console, at first I was not sure how I'd dispose of it. Suddenly, I realized... of course! Let the frat guys wreck and burn it. They are eternally grateful. I plan to photograph the desctruction process if it happens slowly enough. It sat like this for several weeks. Esteys are tough... I think they got discouraged. The magic marker writing on the wood on the lower right says "From Andy. Please smash and burn. The tubing is lead, so don't burn that. I'll dispose of it later. Enjoy!"
Smashy smashy
Here it is after a little more smashing:

Fall 2005:

The nextdoor neighbors to the west:


Blogger Benjamin said...

Awesome photo tour. I've always been fond of the colonial style, so I find the pictures very charming. And winter scenes are always hypnotizing as well. So still, so nostalgic and timeless. I enjoyed my stay. Many thanks.

Monday, November 14, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the columns in front look nice - did my repair job hold up?

Monday, December 19, 2005  
Blogger AndyOfVermont said...

Hi there! Thanks for looking. They're holding up quite well. Only issue is, as expected, the paint is cracking where wood meets bondo. They still pretty good close up and very good not-so-close-up.

Monday, December 19, 2005  

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