Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Nest: The Office

The doorway from the sticky-floor foyer into my world...

Welcome! The photo below shows how my office and bedroom used to be part of the stairway to the basement. The stairs to the right going up were a freestanding affair in 1913, but now surrounded by walls. Before one could go to the basement from either side of the grand staircase. Now (since, I don't know... maybe 1940 or 1950?) access to the basement is only from the right. Too bad about the stairs loosing a lot of their romance, but it does make for kind of a cool, though very small, room. Its not really a clean rectangle, but the dimensions are something like 4.5' X 5'.

All the door trim, baseboard, and the windowsills that you see below were made by me. Fun stuff. I'm particularly proud of the windowsills. I didn't make that closeup door trim though, just the door beyond the desk. The closeup doorway is an old, huge doorway that originally (in 1913) was to the left of the grand staircase in the foyer, but when my room was created it just became part of the room, and the door itself was eliminated. I did all the painting too before I moved in. Man, I wish I had taken "before" shots of this room. It was a mess. I did a lot of sheetrock and spackling too. I didn't choose the colors, and hated them at first, but then I figured out that green goes with it, and decorated that way. I like the colors now.

In the picture below, you can just see the famous spider plant

This is my "office" from which most of my website entries were born until the move. It was a closet of sorts before I renovated. The indentation in the wall behind the computer monitor was to make more room for the hanging clothes. I tore out everything from the "closet" and redid the wall when I realized a desk would fit in there, freeing up much needed space in the tiny "living room".


Everyone has been saying that it looks like I have two computers. No, only the monitor on the left is actually a monitor. The thing on the right that looks like a monitor is actually the CPU turned sideways with a giant blue factory sticker stuck to the side of it. Until the last month or so of living here I just had a laptop, which was much more appropriately sized for this desk. If I was going to live here long with a desktop computer, I'd have to spring for a flat monitor I think.




Below, a group photo on the wall of the original crew of Navigators students and recent grads who comprised the very first annual GMS in the summer of 2003. There's a big version of this photo in another set. I always kept this photo right on the wall over my desk until the "great crack" incident.

I had to do a lot of clever things to survive in such a small space. One of them was to sort of hang this filing cabinet off a stairstep and put blocks under the side that was overhanging. Worked pretty well as long as I didn't breathe or sneeze on it wrong...



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