Monday, March 27, 2006

Winker installed (almost) on great main chest

First of all I needed a piece of wood to replace the subfloor-grade plywood that someone used to blank off what I think used to be a windline from this organ's tracker days. I stopped into Northend Hardwoods on Williston Road just before they closed Monday night and they cut me off this piece of milled maple for free! Its a bit rustic on one side but that won't matter for what I'm using it for.

Fortunately the gasket was on the chest, not the cover, so I didn't have to do any gasketing. The big pipe mouth you see here belongs to the bottom C of the Great 8' Open Diapason. The pipe on the offset bracket fed by the paper tubing is the bottom C of the Great 8' Dulciana. Quite a contrast in scales!
Below I've screwed the old plate to the new one to transfer the hole pattern with a drill:
Below: I've drilled all the holes and countersunk most of them. I exaggerated the countersinks only because I needed to in order to use the short screws that I already had. Just too lazy to run to Home Depot again. I stopped to take this picture while waiting for the countersink to cool back down! In this picture you can see that this board was near the outside of a plainsawn log, which makes me a bit nervous that it won't expand and contract very much while screwed to quartersawn pine, which will expand and contract. But then... I'm replacing plywood that doesn't expand or contract at all and that didn't split anything. So... hoping for the best. Thoughts anyone? I think when I take the plate back off to drill the 1.25" hole I'll drill the screw holes in the maple a bit bigger so the screws can bend to allow for different expansion rates.
Below: I've screwed the plate to the chest, and its ready to receive the winker bellows, except for the fact that I didn't have a way of drilling a 1.25" hole where the X is. I'll do that next time. Just ran out of time and needed to put things back together so the organ can still be used. It's not really visible in the picture but it appears that the 2X4 leg has caused a split in one of the dovetails... presumably because of the crossgrain situation. Bad news if so. But anything can be fixed. This chest is coming due for releathering (one high note already non-functional), so it could be fixed then and more proper legs made.
Winker installed:
Access plate installed on winker, now ready to turn the wind on and see what happens. When I did, the winker did not inflate. Turns out there is a hole in it that I now think is there because the winker was previously mounted remotely. So air is now just coming out the centerhole for the future 1.25" wind hole, and then out the hole in the winker. Small enough of a leak that the organ will work ok for now. My April project will begin with plugging the hole in the winker and drilling the hole in the plate to 1.25". I'll either have to borrow a bit for this or run to Home Depot and buy one (I'm leaning toward the latter if they're not too expensive, and if HD actually has them).


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