Thursday, March 23, 2006

Winker installed on Octave 4/2 Unit Chest

I started by removing the blankoff plate where a winker used to be in a previous installation. The gasket was a bit of a mess, but the winker bellows has its own gasket, so I just scraped this one off. The yellow and black screwdriver is sitting on the great and pedal wind regulator, which is the one that supplies this windchest via the black flex hose shown here. Below the winker is now installed on the chest. It was originally mounted vertically but in our installation it interfered with the flexhose and the regulator, but I was able to mount it sideways and have it just miss everything. The only snag was that the screw holes were way too big for the #8 screws, so I went to Home Depot and grabbed some #10's, and they still weren't big enough, so I inserted pieces of plastic zip-tie into the holes and then the #8 screws and they grabbed then. Next time I'm in the wood shop I'll slice off some slivers of wood that can be more permanently glued into the screw holes.
Below, the blower of the organ is turned on and the regulator and the winker bellows have inflated. I adjusted the spring on the winker so it is normally about 3/4 inflated so that it has some movement in either direction. So when a big chord is suddenly played, it can collapse to supply extra wind for a moment, and when the chord is released it can inflate a little to absorb the impact. It makes all the difference... I can still make the tone waver if I really bang on the keys, especially in the bass, but most normal playing situations its no longer noticable to my ears. Now just need to do the same thing to the great main chest, which will be a bit more work but not too bad.


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