Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home

The day after Easter (the yearly final exam for all church organists. I passed mainly because I only messed up when the brass ensemble was drowning me out, so no one noticed.) I headed south to my parents house to take care of some long-needed purging of stuff. More on that in the next day or two, once I figure out how I'm going to scan some other pics. In the meantime, here's some scenery from home!
Above: The view when I firsted turned into the driveway
Below: A closeup of the address sign seen in above picture. The eagle was carved by my late maternal grandfather from a piece of wood found on this property, and the address sign was made by my dad from a kitchen cabinet door:

Above and below, the view of the house from the eagle, one zoomed, one not

Above, the view straight out from the front door, not zoomed
Below: slightly to the right of above view, my old beehives that my mom won't throw away because she "might use them someday". Ha! So that's where I get it from. They are a nice decoration for the front yard though. (I can't use them someday because I'm now allergic to beestings. Good thing, cuz that frees me up to do things I'm not allergic to, like sailing.)
Below, some of the "animules". The little goat is just about 3 weeks old. My mom is milking the mama goat each morning, but letting baby goat have the afternoon milk.
Below, a carving by same grandfather of the best dog in the world, the late Misha. I don't remember where the sugarhouse carving below that came from, but my mom has had it in the house since before I was born, so its pretty special too. I'll ask her soon where it came from. I know she told me a long time ago but I forget now.
Below, the famous stone mill ruins about 3 miles out of town. Amazing to think that area residents used to punch in and punch out here every day. I suppose its safe to say that no one alive remembers it being in operation, but there must be some people who's parents or grandparents worked here. I need to find out the history of this place. The pipe organ workshop where I used to work is nearby.


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