Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm In!

So here's my temporary bedroom while I fix up the other bedrooms. The orange and yellow paint had me a bit freaked out at first, but I couldn't believe what the green curtains and headboard did for it! The quilt totally doesn't go though. It might work if not for the green, but the blue and green can't coexist, methinks. The carpet is blue though. I think the quilt needs to be yellow in order to transition from the blue floor to the green curtains. I like the quilt though, so whatever room becomes mine permanently will have its color scheme planned around that.

The room is just 8X10, but it really doesn't feel very cramped because for the first time in my life I have enough storage elsewhere in the house that nothing needs to be in the bedroom except what, well, needs to be in the bedroom. Amazing what a difference that makes!

So anyway, here's the 360 degree tour of what will be my bedroom for a while:

Yellow lake charts seem to fit the colors pretty well


There's no room for a dresser plus the desk in this 8X10 room, at least not witout looking crowded, so this shelf if my dresser for now. The plan is to put 3 underdrawers, er, um, you know, those bins that go under the bed, well, under the bed. So I can put the clothes in there. Still trying to figure out where hanging clothes will go.
This doorway goes into the unheated garage. Behind the plastic is sort of a closet/entryway sort of thing that someone cobbled together in the garage that has an uninsulated door and openings all over the place for the wind to just breeze through. So for this week I just put up a layer of plastic on each side of the doorway, next week I'll insulate it in some temporary fashion. Ultimately this will get some kind of insulated door. To be really proper, it should probably just be walled off, but I want to have access from the apartment to the house without going outdoors and this is the only place that can be done.
Next on the to-do list... laundry facitilities before I run out of clean clothes! :-)


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