Monday, July 23, 2007

Gone Solo

I had a couple of hours of solo sailing between passengers, so I explored around and took a few pictures. Here's something I never tried before today (I'm getting a lot more confident with sailing in tight quarters)... sailing into and back out of the little cove where the Friend Ship and the Spirit of Ethan Allen III dock. The Spirit was out on the water, but the Friend Ship had just come in and was docking when I sailed in. Below, I'm looking back as I sail back out. Above, I'm looking to my right.
And below is what I saw to my left
Below: Back out in the channel, a picture of the boathouse
And a picture of my future boat :-)
A little closer:
Some of the moorings by the breakwater:
Here a little 12-foot boat caught my eye
A guy also sailing alone, I decided to say hello
His name is Greg, turns out he goes to North Avenue Alliance Church and knows my pastor from when he used to attend that church, before starting his own church. We sailed in formation for an hour or so. He has an O'day 17 he's restoring, similar to my Tanzer, and seeing how much faster the Tanzer is than his 12' O'day, and knowing the O'day 17 would be similar, got him pretty pumped to finish that project. He is interested in fixing my boat, so maybe it live on after all. We'll be getting in touch again soon. If he can fix the rotten floor and paint my boat for the same money I'd spend on buying another similar boat, and have it ready by spring, I might just go for it.

Here's the Northern Lights coming around the breakwater
Usually they are the ones taking a picture of me.
These guys with a cool classic sailboat got their sails raised and slipped away before I had a chance to say hello. I could have caught up with them eventually, but didn't bother this time:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh i love those boats Andy! and the light house. Looks like a picture I HAVE seen in a book!

Monday, August 06, 2007  
Blogger AndyOfVermont said...

That lighthouse is a replica of the one that stood in the same place in the 1800's. It makes it possible for me to navigate the Burlington Bay at night! There is one just like it at the southern end of the breakwater as well.

Friday, August 10, 2007  

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