Monday, September 17, 2007

A Bit of Kitchen and Bathroom Progress

Above: I made a spice rack above the cabinets. It really works well so I'm going to continue the shelf above all the cabinets. Its a bit high but all of us can reach it. Below, I made a pots/ pans rack I was going to buy one, but the ones for sale require much more ceiling height, or else just hang really low, and cost three digits. This one barely cost two digits.

And here's the renovated shower, from a few weeks ago. I paid someone to do this one. Came out fantastic. The tub is old, but the fixtures are completely new and the tile is all new. I don't have "before" pics but it was getting pretty nasty. The tiles had been leaking for years so the wall was all rotten. Not anymore. As you can see in the edges of the pictures, the rest of the bathroom still needs work.


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